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EA Winner: AH Jerriod Avant

Emerging Artist Award: Literature

“It’s always a boost of encouragement when people who love poetry and the arts, recognize you and your work. Having been awarded an emerging artist grant from the Saint Botolph Club Foundation, I was able to forgo seeking time-consuming summer work, I was able to cover essential bills while traveling to and spending invaluable time in Mississippi where most of the poems in my manuscript-in-progress were written and conceptualized. The current manuscript was at a pivotal point last summer. It needed the attention equivalent of a summer to pen a small number of new works, make individual revisions and survey the entire text for cohesiveness. The Saint Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Grant was timely and extremely instrumental in the progress of my writing. It carved out for me, the time necessary to dedicate toward the careful shaping of what will become my first collection of poems.” – A. H. Jerriod Avant

EA Winner: Destiny Palmer

Destiny Palmer
Destiny Palmer

2018 Emerging Artist Award: Visual Arts

Destiny Palmer, Nellie Taft Award Winner for Painting

“To win this award is to be validated, to be heard and seen, in what I do as an artist. I’m grateful to have been given the stability to continue my growth in my paintings. ”


Destiny Palmer

Let my body hang.
Acrylic, Ink and pastel on canvas (unstretched)
96″ x 84″

DA Winner – Danielle Abrams

Danielle Abrams

2018 Distinguished Artist Award – Performance Art

Danielle Abrams

Danielle Abrams’ performances arise from the social tides that shape her mixed-race and queer identities. Her work reimagines the narratives of segregation, civil rights, and popular culture. Abrams has performed at ICA Boston; Detroit Institute of the Arts; The Jewish Museum (NY); Queens Museum; and other sites. She has received awards from The Boston Foundation, Boston Center of the Arts, New York Foundation of the Arts, and Franklin Furnace. Abrams is a Professor of Practice in Performance at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

EA Winner: Christopher Volpe


2017 Emerging Artist Award: Visual Arts

Christopher Volpe, Nellie Taft Award Winner for Painting

Dive (‘Oh, Ahab! what shall be grand in thee, it must needs be plucked from the skies and dived for in the deep, and featured in the unbodied air!’)
48” x 60,” oil and tar on canvas